COURSE TITLE: Putting People First - A practical approach to management


Management is a set of processes that keeps complex organizations and complicated systems of people, services and technology running smoothly.

Today the management principle that is most successful is putting people first. The new reporting relationships must be based on respect, team work, honesty and competence rather than on authority and hierarchy. The idea of empowering employees, making them more powerful, more productive and more responsible is of utmost importance. By giving more responsibilities to lower-level employees, you can increase performance, productivity and improve customer services by speeding the decision making process. It is therefore crucial that you have the necessary skills in handling people, job planning, setting objectives, delegating work to others, motivating and taking decisive actions. You also have to think about and chart your own career growth.

If you are a supervisor or manager, this 2-day course/seminar is an exceptional professional developmental opportunity. It offers the skills, techniques, knowledge and expertise that you will need to make yourself and your organization a success. The topics outlined below will be covered partly by group discussions and interactive workshops in order to make the course more relevant and personal to the participants.


This course is designed for leaders, managers, supervisors, prospective managers and other professionals who want greater skills in supervising and managing people more effectively.


Successful managers have to develop valuable skills and techniques to deal with people, to communicate, to set goals, to delegate, to motivate and to solve problems. With these skills and techniques in mind, this course has been specifically designed so that you will benefit as follows:

  • Manage more effectively and with more confidence
  • Bring out the best in others through effective communication and team-building
  • Lead to your team to higher performance, productivity and better results
  • Accomplish more in the time you have
  • Inspire and motivate those who work with you
  • Delegate work much more effectively
  • Solve problems and achieve win/win solutions


Establishing Yourself as an Effective Supervisor/Manager:

  • The essential prerequisite of a successful supervisor/manager
  • Understanding your duties, roles and mandate
  • Gaining acceptance, trust and respect
  • Managing people

Effective Work Planning and Time Management:

  • Deciding what has to be accomplished and how it will be done
  • Setting and achieving objectives
  • Developing work plans
  • Setting Priorities
  • Wiping out time wasters
  • Effective Paperwork

Delegation Skills:

  • Benefits and obstacles of delegation
  • Strategies for delegation
  • Supervising, monitor progress and follow-through
  • What do you do when the results are not what you expected

How to Communicate that People Really Understand:

  • Find the best way to communicate
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Listening with understanding
  • Knowing how to give feedback
  • Negotiation Skills

Leadership Skills:

  • Understanding the various styles of leadership
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Maximizing your leadership potential

Motivating People To Higher Performance:

  • Does money motivate?
  • Do people motivate?
  • How does the company provide a motivating environment?
  • Herzberg and Maslow motivational models compared
  • Empowerment and motivation

Building High Performance Team:

  • Benefits of cooperation and teamwork
  • Helping work groups become teams
  • Stages of team development
  • High performance team traits
  • Barriers to high performance team 

Effective Problem Solving:

  • Identifying Problems
  • Techniques for problem solving
  • Win/Win solutions

Charting Your Career Growth:

  • Improve your prospects
  • How to develop and use your networks
  • Continuous learning and training
  • Have a vision of your career growth and go for it.

Customized On-Site Training:

This program can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered at the location you choose to fit your organization's objectives.


You will receive a complimentary copy of PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST - A practical approach to management, by Kin Tue-Fee, your course leader.

Course leader:

Kin Tue-Fee is a training and development specialist with expertise gained from thirty years of personal and professional management and leadership. He is the author of a book entitled, Become your best, and has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on a wide variety of management and leadership topics. Besides being a professional engineer and a public service executive, he is a successful entrepreneur who manages his own business. He has published his second book in 2009, which will be on leadership and management skills to be entitled: Putting People First - A personal approach to management and leadership.

Course Leader Fee:

$2000.00 Canadian per day.
All expenses like traveling , accommodation and printing of course material are extra.