COURSE TITLE : Building High Performance Teams


As a manager and leader, you get things done mostly through the efforts of others. One of your greatest challenge in your role is to deal with people oriented problems. It is therefore crucial that you have the necessary skills in handling people, setting objectives, delegating work to others, motivating, coaching, and most importantly teambuilding.... To fulfill these challenging responsibilities, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your subordinates, clients and senior management. You need to be able to encourage and motivate all these people to collaborate with you effectively.

One of your major roles is to build high performance teams all around you to work with greater efficiency and achieve better results for you and your organization.

This course has been specifically designed to make you aware of those areas which will aid you to develop trustful relationships and build high performance teams. The course is interactive with lecture sessions back by group discussions and exercises, case studies and presentations.


The course objective is to give new or prospective managers a better appreciation of the skills needed in handling people, in solving interpersonal conflicts and boost team productivity, and in communicating more effectively with your subordinates, clients and senior management. As well, experienced managers will discover practical ways to build high performance teams and handle their most challenging responsibilities.

Successful managers have to develop valuable skills and techniques to deal with people, to communicate, to coach, to delegate, to motivate and to lead. With these skills and techniques in mind, this course has been specifically designed so that you will benefit as follows:

  • Manage more effectively and with confidence
  • Bring out the best in your employees through effective communication
  • Build high performance teams
  • Lead to your team to higher productivity and better results
  • Motivate those who work with you and inspire them to reach their potential
  • Become a more effective coach and facilitator
  • Accomplish more in the time you have by delegating responsibilities to others
  • Develop strategies for customer care and excellence in providing services


This course is designed for supervisors, prospective managers, engineers, managers and other professionals who want to gain greater skills in supervising and leading their employees to superior performance. This course will benefit:

  • Those employees and professionals recently appointed supervisors or managers
  • Those employees and professionals about to be appointed to supervisory and managerial positions
  • Experienced supervisors and managers requiring a refresher course in the latest management principles and teambuilding skills.


  • Why Learn Teambuilding Skills
    • Establishing yourself as an effective manager
    • Gaining acceptance, trust and respect
    • Managing people and teams
    • Changing values call for changing management style
  • Leadership
    • How leadership differs from management
    • Qualities of a good leader
    • Maximizing your leadership potential
  • Understanding Personalities
    • The four types of personalities
    • Developing staff relationships
    • Understanding your managerial style and how it impacts others
  • Motivating People To Higher Performance
    • Does money motivate ?
    • Do people motivate ?
    • How does the company provide a motivating environment ?
    • Herzberg and Maslow motivational models compared
    • Empowerment and motivation
  • Effective Time Management
    • Deciding what has to be accomplished and how it will be done
    • Setting and achieving objectives
    • Setting priorities
    • Wiping out time wasters
  • Delegations Skills
    • Benefits and obstacles of delegation
    • What is the appropriate level of delegation for each staff person ?
    • Supervising, monitor progress and follow-up
    • What do you do when the results are not what you expected ?
  • Interpersonal Communication
    • Getting your message across and ensuring understanding
    • Speaking with clarity
    • Reducing defensiveness in the listener
    • Improving your listening skills
    • Negotiation skills
  • Team Building
    • Difference between working groups and real teams
    • Benefits of cooperation and teamwork
    • Barriers to high performance teams
    • High performance team traits
    • Stages of team development
    • Helping work groups become teams
  • Strategies for Customer Care
    • Importance of customer care
    • Benefits of having satisfied customers
    • Effective strategies for customer care
    • How to develop a culture of customer care
  • Coaching And Performance Appraisal
    • The manager as a coach, counselor and disciplinarian
    • How to coach for optimal performance
    • How to prepare properly for the performance appraisal?
    • Charting your career growth

Customized On-Site Training:

This program can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered at the location you choose to fit your organization's objectives.


You will receive a complimentary copy of PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST - A practical approach to management, by Kin Tue-Fee, your course leader.


Kin Tue-Fee is a training and development specialist with expertise gained from thirty years of personal and professional management and leadership. He is the author of a book entitled, Become your best, and has conducted numerous seminars and workshops on a wide variety of management and leadership topics. Besides being a professional engineer and a public service executive, he is a successful entrepreneur who manages his own business. He has published his second book in 2009, which will be on leadership and management skills to be entitled: Putting People First - A personal approach to management and leadership.

Course Leader Fee:

$2000.00 Canadian per day.
All expenses like traveling , accommodation and printing of course material are extra.